Hotel Noordzee Hoek van Holland


Hotel Noordzee is situated on the edge of the charming center of Hoek van Holland. In the vicinity there is a lot to see and experience. The best things we have already put together for you:

  • The Waterweg of Hoek van Holland

  • The lighthouse

  • Maeslantkering

  • Fort 1881

  • The Hoek van Holland beach

  • The center of Hoek van Holland

  • The city of Delft

  • The city of The Hague

  • The Westland

  • The city of Rotterdam

Cycling routes

Cycling in and around Hoek van Holland is wonderful. There are many cycling routes to plan with for example the cycling nodes. For example, cycle the entire Nieuwe Waterweg and explore the coastal area between Hook of Holland and Maassluis. In particular Hoek van Holland is known for its beautiful waters, natural and dune areas, not to mention the beaches. The Oranjekanaal, De Zeven Meren, the Staelduinse Bos, the Kapittelduinen and the beaches are just a few of the many recreational opportunities that Hoek van Holland offers.

Walking routes

Walking along the coast. Blow away. Or stroll and stroll through the dunes. The coast of the Netherlands is a blow-out and walking area with dot. Between Hook of Holland and Langevelderslag lies a vast dune area with beach walls, country estates, sea villages, drift sand plains and fens. The area is in the pipeline to become our 21st national park - 'Hollandse Duinen' - and was chosen by the Dutch public as one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands.

Below we have some sites with more information: